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Mark Moore

IMG_4129 T.jpg

Mark Moore’s artistry transcends our thinking about what furniture can be by blurring the lines between sculpture and furniture and celebrating the uniqueness of each natural material he carefully selects to complete his designs. Highly skilled in woodworking, metalworking, and design, Mark has spent more than two decades mastering his craft, spending more than a decade as an apprentice under several craftsmen and continually developing his own unique artistic techniques. Mark is inspired by influences from nature, architecture and mid-century industrial design. His work organically displays visual and physical contrast to stimulate the senses: a balance of smooth and texture, wood and metal, light and dark. The mixed composition of materials and styles is grounded by a commitment to use domestic, sustainable or reclaimed materials and favoring self-developed carving and other artistic techniques to add interest and unique elements. Mark carefully designs and constructs each piece to assume balance and harmony among its contrasting materials.

Any of the items shown on MMD's website may be ordered direct, items available via Etsy are noted. Custom and commercial work is available upon request. Please enjoy the site and let us know if you have any questions.

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