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Console tables

Tensil Console Table

This piece is all about details, craftsmanship and design. The asymmetrical design starts with its sweeping bridge-like stanchion legs that rise up to support the walnut planked top. The expansive top is supported gracefully by bent walnut arches fastened with tenon and mortised joinery with steel keys. Iconic butterfly joints lend support and beauty to this unique piece.

Measures: 78”w,32”h,12”d

$9,600 (as pictured)

Tremont Console Table

Crafted entirely from 50 lbs of old cut nails from the Tremont nail company. Engineered like a suspension bridge with each nail welded in sturdy triangulated formation. 

its random pattern is sculpted by artistic eye. With a whimsical hour glass shape and extreme lean it stretches to support the aged Mahogany top. Finished with a natural hand rubbed oil and the nails have a heat treated blackened finish. 


Measures: 49”w x 30”h x 12”d

$3,000 (as pictured)

Cyclopeanan Console

Built from reclaimed steele and wood, this piece is as beautiful as it is strong. The unique off center design creates a sculptural shape while functional in its use.


Measures: 49”w x 30”h x 12”d

$3,500 (as pictured)

Linear Birch Core Console

A slab of Linear Birch Core has been mitered into an inverted U shape with concealed joinery. Pin striped alternating wood grain travels through the piece for a sophisticated architectural look.


Linear Birch Core materials manufactured by Mark Moore Design consisting of a multi-directional stack lamination of solid birch wood


$890 (as pictured)

Nail Console Table

Handmade from salvaged Mahogany. Minimalist top sits on a set of curved legs with clean graceful tapers. Table is held together by an array of old heavy gauge nails. Every nail is welded to each other in a sturdy triangulated free form. Clearly erasing all boundaries and merging mediums and styles into a sculptural piece.


Measures: 48”w x 30”h x 12”d

$3,000 (as pictured)

Demi-plié Console

The “Demi-Plié” table is a combination of the sustainable natural edged walnut with mother of pearl inlay a top the bent natural steel legs gives this table a new and intriguing form from any angle that resembles a ballet dancer posed Demi-plié fifth position. 


Measures: 30”w x 30”h x 12”d 

$900 (as pictured)

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