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Big Bang Mail Box

A construction grade steel post supports a cantilevered arm holding the dual door aluminum mail box. Above it stands is a handmade sphere of steel with an explosion of stainless-steel, copper in its core. This is a statement piece which will stand out in any neighborhood.


Custom design size: 60”w, 84”h, 6”d 

Contact for estimate


A hand carved piece a reclaimed mahogany has been shaped into an abstract form of a cactus with antique cut nails hammered in to mimic needles  

Measures: 60" h, 6" d.

$X,XXX (as pictured)

Can't Stop Floor Clock

Features a spun steel sphere with a brushed finish houses a quartz clock movement with industrial grade socket head bolts used as hour tics. The sphere is pinched between vertical stack laminated arcs of ash wood that has been bisected.  At the point of bisection the curved uprights are securely fastened into a steel bracket with more industrial fasteners welded to hefty steel plate formed into an arched base. 


Size 74”h, 16”w, 10”d

Contact for estimate

Century Plant

Hand spun copper buds are patinaed to resemble past bloomed flowers growing on a gracefully bent hand spoked shaved stem of mahogany. Hand spoked shaved satin-wood leaves surround the stalk and rest upon a walnut carved earthy base. An oil finish is hand rubbed on and sealed with natural bee's wax. A southwestern growing plant called Agave Utahensis found in the Grand Canyon provided inspiration for this piece.


$X,XXX (as pictured)

Iron Screen

Steel frame of square steel tubing tries to contain random array of wrought iron scrolls  gracefully breaking out in multi dimensions in this unorthodox display or wrought iron work.

Custom design size: 48”w, 30”h, 2”d

Contact for estimate

Praise Planter

Two vertical angular steel uprights are torch cut to create an hour glass silhouette which holds a standard 8" clay pot. Materials are unfinished allowing for a natural patina. The piece is mounted on an optional concrete base or can be mounted to an existing foundation.

Measures: 2'h, 10" w, 10" d.

$X,XXX (as pictured)

Tickle Toc Clock

An hour glass shaped box of stack laminated bent Ash wood stands on curved piece of steel and rises up as it gracefully curves in on itself. As the arcs flare out at the top they hold the clock movement. The clocks movements are housed in plane sight for all its internal workings to be viewed. MMD’s signature carved “Ice” glass fills the negative space with  a silhouette around the clocks moments with the clocks hour tics laid out to accurately mark the time. 

Size 75”h , 16”w, 10”d

$5,000 (as pictured)

Wall Carvings


$X,XXX (as pictured)

AH Barn Bean Sculpture

The piece is skillfully carved removing the well aged rough wood exterior of the barn beam. At first a tree then a barn beam, a woman was released into a sculptural form. Sanding the wood to a silky smooth finish revealed the tight annual rings of this old growth wood giving way to an abstract form more expressional detail than I could ever carve. She stands tall, reaching out in an ambiguous pose. Is she still transforming?

Size: 8”w, 72”h,8”d

$3,800 (as pictured)

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