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Iron Screen

Steel frame of square steel tubing tries to contain random array of wrought iron scrolls  gracefully breaking out in multi dimensions in this unorthodox display or wrought iron work.

Custom design size: 48”w, 30”h, 2”d

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Tickle Toc Clock

An hour glass shaped box of stack laminated bent Ash wood stands on curved piece of steel and rises up as it gracefully curves in on itself. As the arcs flare out at the top they hold the clock movement. The clocks movements are housed in plane sight for all its internal workings to be viewed. MMD’s signature carved “Ice” glass fills the negative space with  a silhouette around the clocks moments with the clocks hour tics laid out to accurately mark the time. 

Size 75”h , 16”w, 10”d

$5,000 (as pictured)

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